INKstation – Who Are We ?

INKstation is a Canadian owned company in the ink refill / office consumables / and consumer services market space. We are focused on smart technology solutions at low costs and deliver both quality services and products that are environmentally friendly and sustainable. Our model is to bolt on our smart kiosks to existing businesses allowing them to provide our premiere ink refill service in addition to others.

Our ink refill technology / service helps save the environment by reducing the number of plastic cartridges that find their way into Canadian landfills. 


Our mission

Our Commitment to Sustainability

At INKstation we are committed to sustainability and consider ourselves good stewards of the environment. All of our products and services have been designed to help reduce greenhouse gas production, increase recycling at the community level, or to promote other green initiatives and sustainable practices. 

Innovation – New Services !

As inventors in the technical space we are always innovating and trying to develop new products and services that can be deployed at the community level and at rare savings. Look out for the new suite of services coming to an INKstation location near you!