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Frequently Asked Questions

What is INKstation ?

INKstation is a Canadian company based out of Mississauga Ontario that promotes a sustainable bolt-on business to existing retail sites. We are the developers of a computerized kiosk that allows locations to provide a professional inkjet refilling service with minimal training. Most locations also offer compatible ink and toner cartridge sales. Additional services such a passport photos, print/copy/fax, cell phone repair, and secure shredding are being integrated at select locations and are available.

What are the benefits of becoming a site partner ?
  • Increased store revenues
  • Higher store profitability 
  • Increased traffic
  • Increased sales of existing store products
  • Exclusive territory
  • Benefit directly from new in-store services
  • Better utilization of store staff
  • Benefit from SmartTech Station Advertising 
  • No cost for staff training
What types of stores are INKstations located in ?

SmartTech Station kiosks work well in a variety of stores including computer stores, stationary stores, convenience stores, postal offices, photo stores, institutional and commercial bookstores, and cellphone repair locations. 

Is INKstation a franchise ?

No, although SmartTech Station operates like a franchise, the kiosk and associated services are secured through a multi-year leasing agreement.

How long does it take to install kiosks after site approval.

After a site has been approved for installation, kiosks can be set up and training provided within one month.

How long is site training / How long does it take to refill an average cartridge.

Staff can be fully trained to operate the INKstation kiosk in a few training sessions. After training, staff will be able to professionally fill over 450 different cartridge types. On average cartridges take 2 – 3 minutes to refill. Passport, shredding, and other services will vary. 


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